Naturya's manufacturing facilities in Udupi specialize in crafting an Authentic Udupi/Mangalorean blend throughout our product range. Our meticulous experts oversee each manufacturing phase, ensuring the utmost quality and purity in every ingredient, down to the minutest particulars. This commitment to sophisticated quality control has propelled us to the forefront of India's food processing industry. Our integrated management system empowers us to detect, manage, record, upkeep, and evaluate food-related risks intrinsic to our production process. The integration of an advanced production methodology and an innovative flavor-lock system underscores our dedication to sustaining freshness, aroma, and excellence over extended periods, optimizing order fulfillment and production efficiency.

Recognized as a premier food manufacturing entity in Karnataka, our core objective and focal point of food technology revolve around advancing sustainability using cutting-edge machinery and food processing management practices, all within a framework of safety and hygiene. The handling of ingredients, products, and packaging materials is executed with unwavering diligence, both in manual sections and automated machinery units. The Naturya Food processing approach seamlessly blends the wisdom of traditional techniques with the efficiencies of modern methods, tailored to the intrinsic attributes and dimensions of the raw materials at hand.

Food safety and Procedures we follow

Our foundation rests on a commitment to Food Safety and Transparency. We elevate every product, focusing on even the tiniest intricacies, and prioritize stringent personal hygiene. Fundamental protocols, including thorough handwashing, proper attire, controlled access, and comprehensive surveillance, coupled with emergency procedures, shape our operational landscape. Within our raw material division, proficient personnel, guided by local expertise, seamlessly integrate technology for swift identification of potential food hazards, ensuring precautionary measures. This expertise extends through processing and packaging stages, setting us apart amidst India's food processing landscape.