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HORECA is a specialized division that caters specifically to product requirements of hotels, restaurants and caterers. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our customers and understand its needs; whether it be a food truck, a locally branded restaurant, cloud kitchens, caterers or a global hotel chain. And extensive portfolio, along with the latest introduction of premium products prepared by our expert facilities and vast experience in the food services.

1. We are your One Stop Solutions for all your Commercial Kitchen Business Challenges

2. We are leading Manufacture & Supplier for all ready to cook South Indian(Mangalorean) for food and food bases that ease the major challenges faced by all commercial kitchens.


Do you run a food business?

Is your business generating required profits?

Are you losing money on manpower, electricity bills, fuel cost, machinery, raw materials, employee overtime, night shifts etc ?

Is maintaining consistent Food Quality and time has become a challenge which is not letting you to retain your customers?

Partnering with NATURYA-HORECA gives you one stop solution to all your challenges. Leverage your problems on US and run your business with below benefits:

Minimum workers

Reduced electricity & fuel expenses.

Good bye to heavy machineries, maintenance, late night & early morning shifts.

Faster food preparation with Higher quality and customer satisfaction.

No expenditure on raw materials, cleaning, washing, chopping vegetables, grating Coconuts, grinding food bases etc..

Increase 5X profits


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